“It ‘s time to open mind and heart to new experiences
since the Architect’s imagination needs no boundaries.
Life is too short to enjoy the beauty of Creation”


I declare

To be born in Venice on 26.05.1950 and live in Venezia Mestre in via Caneve N.° 78 since 1956.
To be graduated from high school at the Liceo Scientifico Statale” Giordano Bruno ” of Mestre.
To be graduated from the Universitary Institute of Architecture in Venice, Faculty of Architecture, on 24/10/1975 scoring “110/110 magna cum laude” with thesis of urban planning for the City of Mestre discussed with the Dr. Prof. Arch Franco Mancuso .
To have performed military service in the 3rd Battalion of Marine Infantry “Lagunari Serenissima” ;
To be married and have had 3 sons of actually 39-34-26 years old.
To have no criminal proceedings.


I declare

  • To be member to the Order of Architects, Landscape planners, Conservatives of the Province of Venice with N° 758 since 1st half of year 1976;
  • To have uninterruptedly exercised the profession of architect – urban planner since that date always as professional architect.
  • To have my own Studio in Venice-Zelarino in via Castellana 71 tel. & Fax +39 041 – 950128 and cell. +39 348-5174736.
  • I am Indicating the activities carried out during several decades of professional services and the list of major projects I worked since 1975.

The following professional experiences list is divided by sector of activity: 



In times of general crisis in Europe, I want to look ahead and open my mind up to new knowledges and initiatives : I need new experiences. I am looking for a learning experience of high level abroad. The salary is important but is not all, I want to look for new goals. I am interested in working in the World, in a Country where the great experience of many years can result of help to someone and allow me to express my professional ideas with enthusiasm and confidence.